Do you know where God lives?

If you would ask this question to a child, perhaps the answer would be “heaven” or “in my heart” or something similar.  I have to admit – for the longest time, even in my adult life, this is what I also would have answered.

Not anymore…

The Bible tells us in Psalm 34:18 that “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he saves those whose spirits are crushed.”

Now do you know where God lives?

For me, God has been nearest during the times my heart has been broken. You know, the times when I’m exhausted by dealing with what life happens to be hurling at me at the moment; the times when I’m really struggling to see God in a situation; the times when I am broken and desperate for God to work.  Times like:

… when I ended my destructive 16-year marriage

… when I found myself struggling to support 4 children

… when my daughter, during her senior year of high school, told me she was pregnant

… when one of my closest friends died, leaving behind two beautiful teenage daughters

…when I wondered if I should get married again (I did, by the way)

… when my husband was unemployed for nearly a year

… when my son told me his girlfriend was pregnant

… when one of my children went to jail – twice

… when our home was foreclosed on, despite our negotiations and communication with the mortgage company

… when my husband lost his job the day after we were evicted from our home


I’m sure you have your own list – we all do.  These are the times that try our faith, our character, and even our sanity.  But, consider this:  Do you feel God’s presence during those top-of-the-world, everything’s-going-my-way days – or is it during the deepest, darkest, scariest valleys of life that you can feel His loving arms wrap around you and hear Him whisper, “It’s okay.  I’ve got it handled. You can trust me”?

I’ll argue that He’s there during both times… it’s me that isn’t really “there” when all is well. I have a way of being quite independent when life is nothing but smooth sailing and filled with few conflicts. I’m imagining that perhaps you may be the same way.

If you just so happen to be walking in one of those deep, dark, scary valleys right now, just know that God isn’t far from you. He’s there when life is hard… even if you’ve made it that way by some of your own choices. His love for you is boundless, and the way He works is not limited by the institutions of man or what we think He can or can’t do.

God’s like that.

WARNING!  God is always interested in what is best for you versus what is most comfortable!  Often a Superman-style rescue from the pit is not what you need (although it may be what you want)!


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  1. Kaitie
    Jul 11, 2011 @ 00:59:57

    your blog is amazing mom:)
    i may be your daughter but i barely get to read it but when i do…
    i love everything you write about!
    I love you momma!:)
    keep it up!!


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