Second Chances

We added a member to our family last spring.  Allow me to introduce you to Koda, our 2 year-old old rescue pup.

We were particularly set on adopting a dog from a shelter – we didn’t need one with a pedigree, papers, or a bloodline that would compare to Queen Elizabeth. We simply wanted to add a canine member to our family and liked the idea of opening our home to a little guy who needed love, care, and a place to call home for the rest of his days on this earth.  Early into our time with him we discovered a few of Koda’s “quirks.” He likes to play with his toys (and then rip the stuffing out of them), stand on his hind legs to check out what’s on the kitchen counter (always followed by a sharp “off!” from his humans), sniff everything he can put his nose to, and follow me around everywhere I go.  He even experienced the inadvertent closing of a door on his head after he stuck his head in the refrigerator when I was pulling out my yogurt this morning.  Poor guy (he recovered in seconds, by the way).

In addition to Koda’s “quirks,” he has also developed a few bad habits.  He – thanks to my husband – enjoys biting when he plays.  Nothing hard enough to draw blood, but a bit frustrating when all I want to do is pet him and all he wants to do is play… and nip.  I’ve told him that he shouldn’t bit the hand that feeds him, but I just don’t think he understands.

We are fairly certain that Koda’s other bad habit must be the result of his lineage. We surmise, beyond reasonable doubt, that he is a direct descendent of Houdini’s dog.  We cage him when we leave the house (as the result of some of his other bad habits – tearing apart pillows and scavenging the bathroom trash) but, despite our best creative efforts, he manages to find a way to escape.  We lock the cage – he escapes. We add clamps to the cage – he escapes. You get the idea.  We have finally found a way to contain him – latches and strategically-placed clamps seem to do the trick, at least for now!

I suppose, like the rest of us, he just wants to experience freedom at its fullest and finest.

Today’s verse:  “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” John 8:36



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  1. LAPenick
    Mar 16, 2012 @ 15:59:02

    With all of the “quirks”, I bet Koda provides alot of entertainment! As I was reading this with my three cats in mind, I kept imagining what it would be like to put cats in a carrier just for the evening. Have you ever tried to put a cat into a carrier just to go to a vet?!! It’s amazing how they can do a spread eagle with all four legs so that the opening is completely blocked! Needless to say, my cats have John 8:32 memorized. They have freedom at all times. When it’s time to go to bed, all three of them think we’re having a slumber party.

    I do resonate with the frustration of Koda and his friendly biting (oxymoron-maybe?). My youngest cat, Hookem, loves for me to pet her while I am in bed, and just before I fall asleep while stroking her, she bites my hand! No blood is drawn, but in Christian love I just slapped her upside the head and off the bed she went! I think she got the message.

    Blessings my friend,
    Lee Ann


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