About this blog…

On the Fringes of Chaos was created out of a friend’s suggestion to write about the “interesting” aspects of my life. Apparently, she thinks they may provide some sort of hope and/or encouragement to those who are struggling in their everyday walk though the journey of life.  I’ve always believed that I can do two things with the difficulties I’ve experienced in life:

  1. View difficulties as burdens. Cry about them, stuff them in a closet, and pray that I never have to think about them again (although I will… constantly).  Oh, and NEVER, EVER talk about them – especially if they make me look bad or were my fault.
  2. View difficulties as blessings. Cry about them, learn from them, and pray that God will use them to make a difference in someone else’s life… helping me to grow in the process.

Have I made poor choices? You bet! (Who hasn’t?)  Have I made good choices?  Yep to that one, too!  The beauty of God is that He doesn’t love me any less or any more in either circumstance. He loves me because He loves me… and He loves you, too.

Join me on this journey, and see what it’s like to live on the fringes of chaos.


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