The unexpected wisdom of a teenager…

Several months ago I wrote about some difficulties I’ve experienced in my own life (Do you know where God lives?).  While this certainly wasn’t an all-inclusive list, it documented many of the challenges I’ve been faced with in the last decade or so. Some resulted from my own choices, some from the choices of others, and some just haphazardly came at me from nowhere and bulldozed into me (well, at least that’s what it felt like!).

Challenges, difficulties, stress:  valleys that we would rather not travel if given the choice.  Maybe it’s just me, but I tend to view the really tough challenges in my life as times of upheaval and confusion.  Maybe it’s because I can’t see past my own inadequacies or maybe it’s because I choose not to. Given the choice, I’d rather say it’s because I can’t… although it wouldn’t be true.  It’s often because I focus more on what’s going wrong than who is in control (which, by the way, is certainly not me).  Interestingly, I had a recent conversation with my 13-year old daughter that caused me to open my eyes and examine the lenses with which I’ve been viewing those challenges.

In case you haven’t noticed, crises and challenges don’t often affect just one person; more often than not, upheaval is not contained to one aspect of life, one family, or even one person.  Stressful situations flow out of our lives and muddy the waters of those around us – especially our family members and those close to us.  As my daughter and I were recently reflecting on the events of the past year, we began to talk about the positive things that have emerged as a result of some of the challenges we faced.  In an “I’m-a-wise-mother-conveying-spiritual-wisdom” moment, I profoundly stated to my daughter, “Isn’t it amazing how God can turn our world completely upside down, shake it,  and still bring positive and good things out of it?”  Without skipping a beat, she replied:

Mom, did you ever think that maybe God turned our lives



Who knew such wisdom could come from a teenager?  Maybe I need to start viewing life with a different perspective.  Thanks, Kaitie.  You are wise beyond your years.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” – Romans 8:28